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Make Order Taking Easy

Speed up order taking with a cool new user interface that's easy to learn Simplify the order process with The NortSoft. Conversational ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them. Our graphics and an easy touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap.


Accepting payments in person has never been easier Use the new The NortSoft card reader to securely accept tap, chip, or swipe payments.

Customize floor plans

Create a floor layout that matches your restaurant seating. Need to quickly move some tables around? It's as easy as swiping.

  • Simplify staff management, shift changes and table assignments on-the-fly
  • Improve host and seating efficiency by streamlining manual activities
  • Maximize seat utilization
  • Pre-assign tables in the integrated floor plan in advance and on-the-fly
  • Easily create layouts for shifts
  • Assign servers to sections
  • Mark servers On/OFF/Cut During Shift
  • Track Server Rotation and Cover Counts
  • Track Time Sat and Table History